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Appendix 1.1a 2020 Consultation Responses Appendix 1.1b 2022 Consultation Responses Appendix 1.2 Glossary of Common Acronyms Appendix 1.3 Pre-Application Community Consultation (PACC) Report Appendix 2.1 Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) Appendix 2.2 TLI Technical Notes related to electrical Grid Connection Appendix 2.3 List of Projects for Cumulative Assessment Appendix 4.1 a Shadow Flicker Assessment - Baseline Scenario Appendix 4.1 b Shadow Flicker Assessment - Specimen Scenario Appendix 4.1 c Shadow Flicker Assessmnet - Alternative Scenario 1 Appendix 4.1 d Shadow Flicker Assessment - Alternative Scenario 2 Appendix 5.1 Total plant species liests for habitats encountered within the Wind Farm Site and Hydrogen Plant Site Appendix 5.2 Bat Survey Report, Firlough Proposed Wind Farm Appendix 5.3 Preliminary Bat Roost and Badger Survey for the Proposed Hydrogen Plant Appendix 5.4 Biodiversity Enhancement and Management Plan Appendix 7.1 Bird Survey VP Variables 2019-21 Appendix 7.2 Firlough Bird Survey Flight Line Data Appendix 7.3 Firlough Bird Survey Flight Line Maps Appendix 7.4 Transect Survey Details 2021-2022 Appendix 7.5 Transect Survey Results 2021-2022 Appendix 7.6 Merlin and Woodcock Survey Details 2020-2021 Appendix 7.7 Fir Lough 2021 Red Grouse Survey Report Appendix 7.8 Hinterland Survey Details 2019-2021 Appendix 7.9 Hinterland Survey Results 2019-2021 Appendix 7.10 CRM Report Firlough Wind Farm Appendix 8.1 Peat & Subsoil Database Appendix 9.1 Site Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) - Wind Farm Appendix 9.2 Site Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) - Hydrogen Plant Appendix 9.3 Preliminary Discharge & Assimilative Capacity Assessment (pDACA) Appendix 9.4 Site Photographs Appendix 9.5 Surface Water Hydrochemistry Database Appendix 9.6 Surface Water Sampling Laboratory Certificates Appendix 9.7 Conceptual & Information Graphics Appendix 9.8 Ground Water Supply Assessment Appendix 9.9 MSDS Clearbore Drilling Fluid Appendix 10.1 Carbon Calculation Appendix 11.1 Photos of noise monitors insitu for Wind Farm Appendix 11.2 Method for calculating wind shear from different heights and standardising from hub height to 10m height Appendix 11.3 Calibration certificates for noise instruments Appendix 11.4_Candidate turbine manufacturer’s noise emission data Appendix 11.5 Predicted noise levels for 102.5m hub height Appendix 11.6 Photos of noise monitors in-situ Hydrogen Plant Appendix 12.1 Firlough Visual Impact Assessments at View Points Appendix 12.2 Landscape Mitigation Plan Appendix 13.1 Forestry Report Appendix 13.2 Firlough Wind Farm Telecommunications Impact Study Appendix 13.3 ASAP Aeronautical Study Appendix 14.1 Cultural Heritage Plates Appendix 15.1a Collett Route Survey Report of November 2022 Appendix 15.1b Collett Route Survey Report of March 2023 Appendix 15.2a Swept Path Analysis -Firlough WF - Galway to Site Appendix 15.2b Swept Path Analysis -Firlough WF - Killybegs to Site Appendix 15.3 Road Safety Audit Appendix 16.1 Preliminary Hazard Log Report Appendix 16.2 Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) Appendix 16.3 Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Appendix 17.1 Schedule of Mitigation and Monitoring Measures